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ECSHIPS overseas warehouses provides professional international warehousing and logistics, and provides high-quality and professional third-party overseas warehouse services for various cross-border sellers such as Amazon, Wish, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress, and independent websites. The warehouses are all over the United States, Japan, Canada, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, etc., with a professional Chinese operation team who has been deeply involved in logistics for many years. The company has many years of experience in overseas warehouse services, a professional overseas warehouse management system, and API integrated with major e-commerce platforms, providing warehousing, cargo transfer, one-piece delivery, last mile delivery, FBA labelling, return processing, product testing and maintenance, international customs clearance, sending back to China/Hong Kong and other one-stop services. Solve customers' problems in exporting products.

Since establishment in 2015, ECSHIPS Overseas Warehouse has been focusing on cross-border e-commerce overseas warehousing solutions for the purpose of continuously improving operational efficiency and customer experience, continuously improving the international layout of overseas warehouses, and expanding operational capabilities. Pay attention to the application of software and hardware technology, adhere to product and service innovation, promote the construction of warehouse automation and distribution system, and help cross-border sellers go overseas.

Corporate Mission and Vision

Become a world-renowned third-party e-commerce warehousing and logistics service company. Through technological innovation and intelligent layout, we provide warehousing, transportation, distribution, customer service, and after-sales solutions for global e-commerce; we are committed to creating efficient, accurate, and agile warehousing and logistics services.

Corporate values

Confidence: Make customers have confidence in the company's personnel and services

Trust: Increase customers’ trust and dependence on the company

Credibility: Make customers appreciate the company's services and establish credibility


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