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Our Service

  • Order Fulfillment

    API integrated with different marketplace. Your orders are fulfilled within 24 hours.
  • FBA transfer

    Amazon transit replenishment, send out order the same day, can be full truck load or loose boxes.
  • Return Handling

    Multinational warehouses, FNSKU labelling, transparent labelling, European labelling, high efficiency
  • Inspection and maintenance

    Product appearance inspection, functional testing, accessories and packaging replacement, combined products, etc.
  • Overseas logistics

    Transfer between the US and Canada, UK and EU, with customs clearing and duty paid in 1 week transit time.
  • Return To China

    Global returns to Hong Kong/Mainland, 3-5 days transit time.
  • US customs clearance

    Provide customs clearance services for U.S. UPS, FEDEX, DHL and other express delivery items.
  • Customizations Needs

    Taking pictures, Removing cards, changing packages, and selling overstocks.

Service Process

  • 1. Sign the agreement

  • 2. Customer stocking up

  • 3. Ship inventory to ECSHIPS Warehouse

  • 4. ECSHIPS receive inventory

  • 8. Buyers receive the orders

  • 7. Courier delivery the orders

  • 6. ECSHIPS parepare and send the orders

  • 5. Customer places orders from ERP system

Our Distribution


  • Multi warehouse layout

    Warehouses in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and many countries and regions

  • Efficient operation

    The order is put on the shelf upon receiving, and the order is delivered on the same day on weekdays to ensure fast fulfillment of the order

  • Rapid response

    24-hour full-time customer service, providing one-on-one service, always solving problems for you

  • Compensation for lost parts

    The warehouses monitoring system ensures the safe and orderly storage of products, and there is no worry about compensation for lost parts in the warehouses

  • Free storage

    Provide 30 days of free storage period to reduce the storage cost of the seller

  • System support

    Professional WMS system, supporting docking with ERP and seller platform, easy order management

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