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Cooperation related

Q: What is the process to start the business with ECSHIPS?

A: You can register our system account that will have to sign an agreement. After we complete the approval of new account, you can use it normally.  

Q: Can I register an account for shipment only after signing a contract

A: By registering an account, you agree to our company's agreement, which has the same legal effect as the contract. Paper contracts can be signed by contacting our company's staff.

Account issues

Q: What if I forget my username/password?

A: If you forget your username, the account owner can contact our company to check the username. If you forget your password, please contact our company to reset it.

Q: How to modify the account password?

A: Click on the username in the upper right corner and modify the password in the personal center.

API issues

Q: How can I obtain the appToken and appKey for API integration?

A: Log in to the OMS, click on the username in the upper right corner, and then click on the personal center to see the API key

Q: API interface to create an order, prompt: "Bad Request", how to handle it?

A: This may be due to some special characters in the parameter, such as "&". It is recommended to manually input the information.

Q: When using a third-party ERP system that has already been connected to our system, if there are problems that prevent the normal use , what should be done?

A: Please contact a third-party ERP first and operate under the guidance of the third-party ERP customer service.

Product Issues

Q: Can you fill in the size and weight freely when creating a product?

A: When creating a product, please fill in the actual dimensions (length, width, height) and weight information after packaging to ensure that the product is quickly shelved and shipped. If the predicted size and weight are not accurate, it will cause the system to make incorrect judgments about the shipping method, and delay in shelving due to multiple verifications of weight and size deviations during storage.

Order related

Q: The order has been submitted for review. Can I still cancel the order?

A: Before removing the order from the warehouse, the order can still be cancelled. After the order is successfully cancelled, the warehouse will not ship it.

Q: How to handle abnormal orders and problematic parts?

A: Abnormal orders refer to orders where the goods in the order are out of stock or the user account balance is insufficient fund, but the order can be successfully created. After replenishing the inventory and recharging, the order will be automatically transferred for shipment; If the problem is from shipping service provider of the incorrect shipping information, please provide the correct information to our customer service for modification.

Q: What is platform pull order? How to use the platform pull order function?

A: Platform pull order refers to users who add platform account authorization (eBay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Walmart, etc.) to the OMS system, and can directly pull orders to the platform backend within the OMS system. To use the platform to pull orders, the following operations need to be done: add platform account authorization → create SKUs in the OMS system → add SKU relationship mapping (establish a corresponding relationship between the SKUs created by OMS and the platform SKUs) → manually pull orders → ship audit.

Warehousing related

Q: What is the process for shipping and storing items?

A: For domestic shipments to overseas warehouses, the product needs to be self-packaged for shipping (without outer packaging or additional logistics packaging is required for multiple shipments, which will incur packaging fees). Customer creates a product SKU in the OMS system, prints the product label, and attaches it to the corresponding products. Create and print box label and stick it on the outer box, one SKU per box.

Recharge related

Q: What are the current recharge methods?

A: If customers need to recharge, they can transfer offline and send screenshots to the customer group. After financial review, they can manually enter the customer account.  

Return issue

Q: What is the return process?

A: For orders returned from the warehouse, it is necessary to inform customer service before returning. Our customer service will provide the RMA and ask the buyer to fill in the recipient information according to this format. Direct return without notify to the warehouse, the warehouse cannot identify, and the product may be lost.

Q: Can you accept returns from other third-party warehouse buyers?

A: We only accept returns from our warehouse, and other buyers' returns are not accepted

Transportation logistics issues

Q: What if the buyer feedback does not receive the goods?

A: Please provide the order number, and we will verify it. At the same time, the buyer can also contact the local delivery company for verification. If the logistics information is abnormal, please provide product and order information to our company for file claim. 


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